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Fighting Global Warming with Elephant Dung!

An interesting article on how the Toronto Zoo is proposing to fight Global Warning by processing elephant dung in a sustainable way. Could be useful for Thailand. http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/weird-world/3718268/Dung-could-solve-global-warming

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Conflicts Over Nile River Water Useage

An interesting article on how countries the Nile flows through are disagreeing on who has the right to use water from the river. The upstream countries seem to hlod the upper hand in this dispute.http://english.aljazeera.net/news/africa/2010/05/2010519183943413127.html

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Bangkok Dangerous Map

<a href=””>A map of the dangerous spots in Bangkok during the Red Shirt Protests. Many of them way too close to home for my liking.

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Jamie Oliver: Teach Them About Food

In this TED prize winning speechJamie Oliver expresses his wish to teach every child about food to help fight obesity.

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How I Fell in Love with a Fish

Chef Dan Barber squares off with a dilemma facing many chefs today: how to keep fish on the menu. With impeccable research and deadpan humor, he chronicles his pursuit of a sustainable fish he could love, and the foodie’s honeymoon … Continue reading

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