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Saving the ocean one island at a time

Aboard Mission Blue, oceanographer Greg Stone tells the story of how he helped the Republic of Kiribati create an enormous protected area in the middle of the Pacific — protecting fish, sealife and the island nation itself.

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Unsustainable sea-farers: the last Bajau sea nomads

As the Malay Bajau people risk destroying the reefs that sustain them, photographer James Morgan captures a centuries-old culture close to extinction http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/gallery/2010/sep/20/bajau-sea-nomads#/?picture=366866849&index=0

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Extreme Heat Puts Coral Reefs at Risk, Forecasts Say

This year’s extreme heat is putting the world’s coral reefs under such severe stress that scientists fear widespread die-offs, endangering not only the richest ecosystems in the ocean but also associated fisheries that feed millions of people. From Thailand to … Continue reading

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Thailand creates artificial reefs

In an unusual use of military hardware, the Thai government has dumped 25 abandoned army tanks, 273 old train carriages and 198 rubbish trucks into the southern sea, in an effort to create an artificial reef. The project, which aims … Continue reading

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Oil rigs off Koh Samui

Koh Samui burst into local and international news over the weekend. A Singapore arm of the massive Priceline.com web-based marketing network awarded Gold Circule Awards to three hotels on the southern island. They offered ”a great online product” according to the … Continue reading

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Mangroves disappearing faster than land-based forests

The destruction of the world’s mangrove forests is happening up to four times faster than the world’s land-based forests, according to a new United Nations report. A study commissioned by the U.N. Environmental Program (UNEP) reports that one fifth (around … Continue reading

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Lessons in Brazil’s oil spill after a decade

In Brazil, an oil disaster 10 years ago struck an ecosystem much like the mangrove swamps in the US now being threatened by the giant BP oil leak in the US Gulf of Mexico. More than 1.3 million litres of … Continue reading

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Could online maps save coral reefs?

Harnessing the power of interactive maps is Reefs at Risk Revisited, a conservation and research project headed by the World Resources Institute. It is in the process of updating its 1998 survey on the threats to the world’s coral reefs … Continue reading

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