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World’s Most Dangerous Countries for Women

Targeted violence against females, dismal healthcare and desperate poverty make Afghanistan the world’s most dangerous country in which to be born a woman, with Congo a close second due to horrific levels of rape. Pakistan, India and Somalia ranked third, … Continue reading

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East Africa drought – in pictures

East Africa is experiencing the worst drought for 60 years, which has led to the devastation of farmland, failed harvests and livestock deaths. At least 10 million people are expected to need humanitarian assistance

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Life in a Day Trailer

What happens when you send a request out to the world to chronicle, via video, a single day on Earth? You get 80,000 submissions and 4,500 hours of footage from 192 countries. Producer Ridley Scott and Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald … Continue reading

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Where Children Sleep: A Diverse World of Homes

When photographer James Mollison was asked to do a project on children’s rights, he found himself thinking back to his childhood bedroom and the deep importance it played in his upbringing. Taking that idea with him around the world, he photographed a … Continue reading

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HD: Super Slo-mo Surfer!

HD super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel – the first shots of their kind ever recorded. Helps to understand wave proccesses and how they break.

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Disappearing world: 100 places under threat from climate change

A new book highlights 100 areas of the planet that could vanish because of global warming – and encourages us to visit them before they do. Leo Hickman reviews the book – and is mesmerised by some of the places

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Satellite Photos of Japan, Before and After the Quake and Tsunami

Move the slider to compare satellite images, taken by GeoEye, from before and after the disaster.

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The Big Picture Japan Earthquake Photos

Japan raced to avert a nuclear meltdown today by flooding a nuclear reactor with seawater after Friday’s massive earthquake left more than 600 people dead and thousands more missing. Towns in the country’s northeast coast were literally wiped away by … Continue reading

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The Art of Flight

Geography or not geography? Brilliant mountain vistas so we will call it geography!

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Unsustainable sea-farers: the last Bajau sea nomads

As the Malay Bajau people risk destroying the reefs that sustain them, photographer James Morgan captures a centuries-old culture close to extinction

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