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On Our Radar: Nations Race to ‘Carve Up’ Arctic

A stream of leaked diplomatic cables reveal a race by Arctic nations to “carve up” the region, as melting ice, driven by climate change, opens up potentially vast natural resource reserves, including billions of barrels of oil. The cables cite warlike language … Continue reading

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Factory farms the only way to ‘feed the world’? Not so, argues Science paper

To “feed the world” by 2050, we’ll need a massive, global ramp-up of industrial-scale, corporate-led agriculture. At least that’s the conventional wisdom. Even progressive journalists trumpet the idea (see here, here, and here, plus my riposteshere and here). The public-radio show Marketplace reported it as fact last … Continue reading

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Burmese Army Still Recruits Children: UN

The United Nations released a “List of Shame” on Wednesday, detailing armed groups and governments around the world that still recruit children as soldiers and/or practice in sexual violence against children in the theater of conflict. It was no surprise … Continue reading

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Protect the coral reefs—the life you save might be your own

Coral reefs are in big trouble worldwide — and that’s not just bad news for snorkelers. It could mean death instead of life for millions of people … maybe even you. Here’s why: Coral already provides the elemental compounds for a growing … Continue reading

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Disappearing world: 100 places under threat from climate change

A new book highlights 100 areas of the planet that could vanish because of global warming – and encourages us to visit them before they do. Leo Hickman reviews the book – and is mesmerised by some of the places http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/may/12/100-places-under-threat-global-warming

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