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Bitter fruit: The truth about supermarket pineapple

These days, sweet pineapple come with a sour aftertaste, with production marred by allegations of environmental damage, union-busting, chemical poisoning and poverty wages http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/oct/02/truth-about-pineapple-production?intcmp=239

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InInsects £134bn, coral £109bn – UN puts a value on nature’s resources

Nature and the services it provides are worth trillions of dollars annually to human society, and governments and businesses must formally recognise this to halt the continuing degradation of the natural world, a groundbreaking UN report said yesterday. The enormous … Continue reading

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The Aral Sea

The ecosystem of the Aral Sea and the river deltas feeding into it has been nearly destroyed, not least because of the much higher salinity. The receding sea has left huge plains covered with salt and toxic chemicals – the results of weapons testing, … Continue reading

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