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Think twice before doing damage that will be irreversible

The mighty mekong River, as the world knows it, may never be the same again if the Lao government has its way. There is a growing fear that up to 40 million people could be affected if the Xayaburi Dam … Continue reading

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India’s sanitation crisis

Far more people in India have access to a mobile phone than to a toilet, according to a United Nations study on how to improve sanitation levels globally. India’s mobile subscribers totalled 563.73 million at the last count, enough to … Continue reading

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Authorities clear out Delhi’s poor

Work is continuing around the clock in New Delhi to meet the deadline for the completion of the athletes’ village for the Commonwealth Games. But as the teams move in, authorities are continuing to move out the city’s poor. The games organisers … Continue reading

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Human impact on world’s rivers ‘threatens water security of 5 billion’

The world’s rivers are so badly affected by human activity that the watersecurity of almost 5 billion people, and the survival of thousands of aquatic species, are threatened, scientists warned .

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Brazil fights poverty with music

Many young Brazilians who live in the country’s violent slums are turning to music to fight poverty. For them, music offers a way out of their miserable existence. Some young men in Vigario Geral, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most … Continue reading

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6 billion Others – Climate Voices.

Download the movies for free on : The continuation of the GoodPlanet project “6 billion Others” about climate change shown during the Copenhagen Summit in December 2009. A project supported by ADEME, French Ministry of sustainable developement and United Nations. … Continue reading

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Senkaku / Diaoyutai Islands

The Tiao Yu Tai islands (called “Senkaku” in Japanese) are a group of eight uninhabited islands on the continental shelf, separated from the Liu Chiu islands by a deep underwater trench. These eight uninhabited islands and barren rocks have a … Continue reading

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M.D.G.’s for Beginners … and Finishers

The M.D.G.’s are possibly the most visionary deal that most people have never heard of. In the run-up to the 21st century, a grand global bargain was negotiated at a series of summit meetings and then signed in 2000. The United … Continue reading

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Unsustainable sea-farers: the last Bajau sea nomads

As the Malay Bajau people risk destroying the reefs that sustain them, photographer James Morgan captures a centuries-old culture close to extinction

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Plea to refocus UN millennium goals

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general, has opened the annual UN General Assembly summit with a plea to the presidents, prime ministers and kings to use their power to meet UN goals to help the world’s poorest by 2015. Ten years after … Continue reading

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