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OBAMA, EAT THE VIEW ! (animation) Turn The Lawn In To A Victory Garden

This animated video is part of the “Eat the View” campaign to turn part of the White House’s 18 acre lawn back into an edible landscape. The video tells the story of the “America’s Garden” from 1800 when President John … Continue reading

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How to feed the world

A film directed by Denis van Waerebeke for the « Bon appétit » exhibition, aimed mainly at the kids aged 9 to 14.

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Geography Website Search Engine

Welcome to Intute: Geography, brought to you by a national team of subject specialists from universities across the UK. We find and review the very best web resources to help you with your studies and research. http://www.intute.ac.uk/geo/

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Monsanto? Sustainable? Water bully, I’d say …

The maligned GM-crops agricultural giant may try to portray a green image, but its ‘water-efficient maize’ simply doesn’t wash in Molokai The agricultural giant Monsanto may well still be the world’s most hated company. The company that brought the world … Continue reading

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Let’s have a deeper discussion on aid

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former finance minister of Nigeria, sums up four days of intense discussion on aid versus trade on the closing day of TEDGlobal 2007, and shares a personal story explaining her own commitment to this cause.

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Supply Chain for iPhone Highlights Costs in China

They cracked open the phone’s shell and started analyzing the new model’s components, trying to unmask the identity of Apple’s main suppliers. These “teardown reports” provide a glimpse into a company’s manufacturing. What the latest analysis shows is that the … Continue reading

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Half a milliliter of water needed per Google search

The IEEE has released a unique map that shows the relationship between water and energy. Users scroll the world map and click on highlighted countries; data is then displayed giving an insight into the relationship between water and energy, the … Continue reading

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Economy Hurts Government Aid for H.I.V. Drugs

The weak economy is crippling the government program that provides life-sustaining antiretroviral drugs to people with H.I.V. or AIDS who cannot afford them. Nearly 1,800 have been relegated to rapidly expanding waiting lists that less than three years ago had … Continue reading

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China Fears Consumer Impact on Global Warming

Chinese and Western energy experts worry that China’s energy challenge could become the world’s problem — possibly dooming any international efforts to place meaningful limits on global warming. If China cannot meet its own energy-efficiency targets, the chances of avoiding widespread … Continue reading

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Birthplace of ‘drive-thru’ turns its back on fast food

But progress comes at a price. While residents of Baldwin Park have long celebrated their hometown’s claim to fame as the semi-official birthplace of a culinary revolution, fast food has exacted a terrible toll on their waistbands. So terrible that … Continue reading

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