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Obese at higher risk of cancer death – study

Being obese significantly increases the risk of dying of cancer, says a new study involving 10,000 New Zealanders.¬†Research published in The Lancet Oncology yesterday found obese people had a 21 per cent higher risk of dying from cancer than those … Continue reading

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Coral: Lost at sea?

A a result of rising sea temperatures, we are seeing the degradation and eventual destruction of one of the most beautiful ecosystems on Earth. Corals around the world are succumbing to yet another mass “bleaching event”; reefs that were once … Continue reading

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The Funniest Sex Education Posters Of All Time (PICTURES)

Sex-education is a touchy subject (no pun intended). For religious, personal, or political reasons, not everyone can agree on the best way to educated the youth. One thing everyone SHOULD be able to agree on, however, is how ridiculous some … Continue reading

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Preparing More Care of Elderly

With a nudge from the new health care law and pressure fromMedicare,¬†hospitals, doctors and nurses are struggling to prepare for explosive growth in the numbers of high-risk elderly patients. More than 40 percent of adult patients in acute care hospital … Continue reading

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