Stink of scandal from South Africa’s ‘giraffe stadium’

Mbombela Stadium (Photo by Hugh Sykes)

“My home is one of the closest ones to the new stadium. It is so close to it that when there is a match there I feel like I am also inside the stadium.

I was happy when I heard that they were going to build a World Cup stadium here, but it has not brought me the “change” promised. The main source of water here is a mucky dam, a breeding ground for bacteria. The water is smelly but we use it to cook and clean. Today my home is in no condition to receive sick people. It is falling apart. It could collapse any day now.

At night I am blinded by hundreds of lights from the stadium and yet I use candles to light up my own home, how can this be fair?

We are a community that loves football so and I go to the matches when I have money to buy the tickets and really enjoy it. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling though.”

Magwaza Msimango’s full testimony

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