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BP: A Sad but True Logo

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The Collapse of Easter Island Animation

Some students of mine (cara Leong and Victor Boutellier) created this video for Earth Day 2008 to highlight what happens when a society runs out of resources. It illustrates what happened to the inhabitants of Easter Island when they over … Continue reading

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Poverty and Famine Video

A video I created to illustrate a quote by Muhamed Yunnis, the founder of micro-credit. The quote is a powerful one about the terrible tragedy of people dying of hunger. The images may be  a little disturbing, but so is … Continue reading

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Solar Powered Boat to Sail Around the World

A giant solar powered boat will attempt to sail around the world next year. The boat is covered in solar panels that will power it at around the same speed as a super tanker. Hopefully it will be a  success, … Continue reading

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Good News: Global Child Mortality Rate is Falling

A recent study from the University of Washington reconfirms the results of a U.N. study that show global child mortality rates have decreased around 50% over the last 20 years: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100524/hl_nm/us_deaths_children

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Future Cities and Cities that will Shape the Future

For the first time in human history more people now live in urban cities than in rural areas. The 192021 project from Richard Wurman, founder of the TED Conference, is a longitudinal research and sharing project focused around the rise … Continue reading

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At Least they can Afford to Protest!

This video and article from Al Jazeera show an innovative protest from French farmers in response to what they call an agricultural crisis. But if French farmers, who are heavily subsidized, find things tough right now what about the hundreds … Continue reading

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