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Mama Mia! I’ve Been Globalized!

If you look closely at this Italian website you will see a photo of me taking a picture rom our apartment balcony of a fire started by Redshirt protesters. I didn’t even know Sam Sherrat took the picture but the next … Continue reading

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Backpackers and Other Tourists Desert Thailand

The Red Shirt protests and subsequent violence have had a huge impact on the Thai tourism industry, this article take s a close look at this: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/backpackers-pack-their-bags-and-leave-bangkok-in-droves-1980494.html

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Alcohol or Education?

“Jude Kokolo has been stuck in first grade for the last five years because his father says he can’t afford to pay $2.50 a month in school fees. But his father says that he averages $2 a day on alcohol … Continue reading

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Blackpool’s Premier League promotion boosts resort

An interesting article that fits well with the sports hierarchy section of the IB Syllabus. Promotion to the English Premier League is believed to be worth more than US$100 million to the club and it will also boost tourism to … Continue reading

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