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Explore Destinations with Lonely Planet

A very useful website from Lonely Planet that let’s you explore destinations around the world, either by country, region or city:

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Gulf of Mexico oil leak ‘worst US environment disaster’

“The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is the worst environmental disaster the US has faced, a senior official has said. White House energy adviser Carol Browner also said the US was “prepared for the worst scenario” that the leak might not … Continue reading

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10 million face famine in West Africa

The threat of famine is again stalking the Sahel, a band of semi-arid land stretching across Africa south of the Sahara. Its countries constitute a virtual list of the worst famines in recent decades: Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia. The … Continue reading

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Population key to power

In the forecasting business, demographics always rule, the report says. People are a nation’s primary resource. Therefore, it is safe to predict that both economic and military power will lie with the countries that have the right population numbers, and … Continue reading

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BP’s behaviour in the Gulf is appalling. But our thirst for oil is the real issue

Science will solve this crisis, but the real cause is America’s demands and our refusal to pay oil’s true price

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Places & Spaces: Mapping Science

Places & Spaces: Mapping Science is meant to inspire cross-disciplinary discussion on how to best track and communicate human activity and scientific progress on a global scale. It has two components: the physical part supports the close inspection of high … Continue reading

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Facing the Future: Resources for Sustainability

Facing the Future is an excellent website with many resources for Global Issues and Sustainability education. Many of the resources are free as downloads:

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Strike in China Highlights Gap in Workers’ Pay

An interesting article from the NY Times. I am a bit cynical on it though, I am sure the strike would be handled differently if Honda was a Chinese company and not a foreign one. A strike at an enormous … Continue reading

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Poverty key issue in Colombia Election

For eight years Colombia’s outgoing president, Alvaro Uribe, has focused on fighting leftist rebels and trying to attract foreign investment. But millions of Colombians remain poor and feel the government needs to focus more on social programs that will help them … Continue reading

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Millennium Development Goals at 10

A very interesting article from Scientific American on the success of the UN Millennium Development Goals: “The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are in many ways the Cinderella of international development. When 160 world leaders met at the United Nations … Continue reading

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